Are you interested in nominating an outstanding Democrat, or Democratic Organization in Montgomery County for an award at our first ever “Fall Ball” on October 7, 2018? If so, please complete this form to make a nomination! Deadline for nominations is Sunday, May 6th following the Brunch.

To be eligible for consideration, the nominee must either be a registered Democratic voter in Montgomery County or must be an organization chartered by the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee. A posthumous award may be awarded if the honoree, at the time of the Ball, has died within the last two years, and was a registered voter in Montgomery County at the time of their death. Public officials who are currently holding elected county (including school board), state, or federal office are not eligible to receive a Ball award. Paid staff may be considered for the Kelsey Cooke Volunteer of the Year Award, but only for their unpaid work.

Award Descriptions

Jack Dean-Helen Peacock Precinct Official Award

The Jack Dean-Helen Peacock Precinct Official Award is presented in recognition of outstanding Democratic Party activism within the Precinct Organization. The award is named in memory of Jack Dean and Helen Peacock, two people who worked very hard at the precinct level to help strengthen the Montgomery County Democratic Party and build a vital, grassroots Democratic organization. In addition to his precinct work, Jack Dean was a founding member of the Eastern Montgomery Democratic Club and later was instrumental in its merger with the Kensington-Wheaton Democratic Club. Helen Peacock was an outstanding precinct official and party activist who later served as a member of the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee. The Award was established in 1981 by the District 20 Democratic Caucus as the “Jack Dean Award,” Nominations were to be submitted to the Central Committee, and the award was to be given at the annual Holiday Party. By 1983, the presentation of the award had moved to the Spring Ball. Responsibility for the award eventually moved completely to the Central Committee. In 1989, the Central Committee renamed the award as the “Jack Dean-Helen Peacock Award”.

Rita Morgan-Bruce Jerney Community Service Award

The Rita Morgan-Bruce Jerney Community Service Award, established in 1985, is presented for outstanding commitment to public service in Montgomery County and within the Montgomery County Democratic Party. The award is to be given to a party activist who has been a party volunteer and has devoted substantial time to community service. This service may take the form of civic activism, helping the needy, or generally working to improve the quality of life for all citizens of Montgomery County. This award is named in memory of Rita Morgan and Bruce Jerney, who dedicated themselves to fighting discrimination and bringing services to those who could least help themselves. Bruce Jerney, a Precinct Chair and Vice Chair of the Dollars Drive, served as a health clinic volunteer in Takoma Park and worked with mentally and physically disabled children. Rita Morgan served as Bruce Jerney’s Precinct Vice Chair and was a Dollars Drive Chairperson herself. She was also President of Suburban Maryland Fair Housing and pioneered initiatives to help root out housing discrimination. She worked with autistic children, the revitalization of downtown Silver Spring, and was a member of the County Board of Appeals.

Democrat of the Year

The Democrat of the Year award is presented to the person who has given outstanding service and commitment to the Democratic Party over the past year. The recipient of this award has made a significant contribution to enhance the strength and vitality of the Democratic Party. This service may come in the form of general volunteer activity, helping to build the precinct organization, organizing Party events, exceptional fundraising success, or involvement in successful general election activity.

Rosalie Reilly Lifetime Service Award

The Rosalie Reilly Lifetime Service Award is granted recognition of outstanding commitment and contributions to the Montgomery County Democratic Party throughout a career in public service. Rosalie Reilly epitomized integrity in public office and everything that is good about the Democratic Party. She rose from the rank and file of the Montgomery County Democratic Party to become an elected official (Registrar of Wills, 1978-1989). She then became one of Maryland’s members of the Democratic National Committee and subsequently became Chair of the Maryland State Democratic Party. As a Democratic leader, den mother, rabbi and consigliore, her door and phone were always open to those who sought her advice and counsel. The Rosalie Reilly Lifetime Service Award is awarded to those individuals who, like Rosalie, have committed a significant portion of their life and energies to the Democratic Party. The award was created in 1989 to be given on an occasional basis. The award is now given annually.

Kelsey Cooke Volunteer of the Year Award

The Kelsey Cooke Volunteer of the Year Award is granted in recognition of outstanding volunteer activity by a Democratic Party activist. The award was created in 1996 as the “Volunteer of the Year Award” and was renamed the “Kelsey Cooke Volunteer of the Year Award” in 1998. Kelsey Cooke Meyersburg was a tireless, hardworking volunteer who was willing to do whatever it took to ensure Democratic victory – hammer in lawn signs in the rain, register voters in the hot sun, walk door to door, make phone calls, staff sign-in tables, anything. She believed in the ideals and principles of the Democratic Party and fought hard for them. Kelsey dealt with challenges with love, enthusiasm, and grace, though she was never reluctant to say what was on her mind. After she was diagnosed with end-stage renal disease and had to undergo dialysis three times each week, she continued to attend meetings, give abundant advice, gossip about politics, and generally raise Cain.