August 23, 2018

Montgomery County Democratic Party Stands Firmly with Marc Elrich as the Only Democratic Candidate for County Executive

The Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee (MCDCC) voted unanimously on August 14 to emphasize its strong and unwavering support of Democratic nominee for County Executive, Marc Elrich.

The MCDCC’s unprecedented endorsement is in response to Democratic voters’ demand that the local Party affirm its nominee, Marc Elrich, and leave no doubt that the Party rejects the unaffiliated candidate running an independent campaign who abandoned the Democratic Party and its ideals.

The MCDCC cited Elrich’s proven record of public service and his vision for the future of Montgomery County, where a more effective county government can close the opportunity gap, improve economic development and quality of life, and protect the environment.

Elrich, a true grassroots candidate, is the first-ever publicly-financed Democratic nominee for County Executive. The MCDCC urges all Democrats to stand united during this crucial election, and encourages everyone to join canvasses each weekend from now until November to support Elrich and other Democratic nominees.