In two meetings of party leaders held consecutively on September 20, the Montgomery County Democratic Party determined its official position on the ballot questions that will appear on the November 2018 Montgomery County General Election Ballot.

The Party endorsed (recommends a YES vote) on all statewide ballot questions:

  • Ballot Question #1, to amend the Maryland State Constitution to require the commercial gaming revenues that are for public education to supplement (rather than offset) General Fund spending for education in public schools.
  • Ballot Question #2, to amend the Constitution to authorize the General Assembly to enact legislation to permit same-day voter registration at a precinct polling place on Election Day.
  • On the two unnumbered statewide questions, to retain Judges Donald E. Beachley and Matthew J. Fader on the Maryland Court of Special Appeals.

The Party voted to remain neutral (take no position) on all three Montgomery County ballot questions:

  • Question A, if approved by voters, would amend the County Charter to remove party central committees from the process for selecting the Redistricting Commission appointed by the County Council every ten years to determine the boundaries of Council districts.
  • Question B, if approved by voters, would amend the County Charter to require an affirmative vote of “all current Councilmembers” (rather than the specific nine votes currently required) to levy a tax on real property to produce revenue that exceeds the annual limit on property tax revenue set in Section 305 of the Charter.
  • Question C, if approved by voters, would amend the County Charter to allow County Council members to hire more than one aide in a non-merit position.

Party rules require that Precinct Organization leaders (Chairs, Vice-Chairs, and Area Coordinators) vote on the ballot questions.  The Democratic Central Committee can then vote to either ratify or nullify (but not reverse) any vote of the Precinct Organization.  If the Central Committee chooses to nullify a Precinct Organization vote, the party remains officially neutral on that ballot question.

In two unusual moves, the Precinct Organization voted affirmatively to remain neutral on the County Charter ballot questions, and the Central Committee, in a meeting held immediately following the Precinct Organization meeting, approved a single motion to ratify the decisions of the Precinct Organization on all seven (7) ballot questions.

2018 Ballot Questions Advisory Committee Report