Dear fellow Democrats of Montgomery County,

We are pleased to present a summary of what we heard from you regarding your work with the Democratic Party during the 2018 elections in Montgomery County. We asked you to share your thoughts about what worked and what needed improvement. Our two in-person Listening Sessions, one up- county and one down-county, and our online feedback form, gave us more than 50 pages of notes with the thoughts of more than 70 activists from around the Montgomery County area who had participated in the last two elections. Members of the county Democratic Party leadership and the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee came to listen in person to your feedback.

We have now summarized this feedback, and gathered frequently mentioned themes into 5 top recommendations, followed by several other topic areas that contain other important recommendations. We have carefully reviewed your thoughts and we are using the information to form our strategy and and build on everything we accomplished as we move forward into the next election.

We appreciate all you do to build an inclusive and effective party, and to help get Democrats elected. Thank you for all of your work on the voter engagement efforts that are so critical to our success.

Please click on the above image to download the summary.

In solidarity,

Jazmin Moral, LCSW-C
Marie Mapes, Ph.D.
Co-Chairs, Montgomery County Democratic Party Voter Engagement Committee

Scott Goldberg, Esq.
Chair, Montgomery County Democratic Party