2020 Election Successes

2020 Montgomery County Democratic Party Successes

Despite the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, 2020 was a year of electoral successes for the Democratic Party at the local, state, and national levels. In addition to helping elect President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris and helping elect Senators Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff to the U.S. Senate from Georgia and thus achieving a Democratic U.S. Senate majority, the Montgomery County Democratic Party looks back with pride on an extraordinarily successful year. As we mobilize for the coming 2022 election season, we pause for a moment to take stock.

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2020: An Election Year Like No Other

Traditionally, we annually hold two major in-person fundraisers to support our electoral efforts, a Spring Brunch and a Summer or Fall Gala. In March 2020, we canceled our Annual Spring Brunch three days before the scheduled date due to public health concerns, not knowing what the future would hold. Like everyone else we were briefly paralyzed, but within a week we pivoted to virtual events, one of the first political organizations to do so, and before we could even spell Zoom.

From that moment forward, we never looked back. Here’s a partial list of our 2020 accomplishments:

  • We published 52 editions (we never take a break) of our weekly newsletter.
  • We published a least 12 special editions (we’ve lost count) of the newsletter.
  • Recognizing that prospective volunteers had a diversity of interests and passions, we developed a strategy of providing volunteers with as many “volunteer on-ramps” as possible, so that each volunteer could choose the activity that most suited their interests and passions.
  • We held eleven monthly 2020 Volunteer Engagement Sessions, mobilizing over 2,500 volunteers to support the Get Out the Vote efforts of the Montgomery County Democratic Party, the Maryland Democratic Party, the Maine Democratic Party, and the Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff U.S. Senate campaigns, as well as the electoral efforts of Do The Most Good, J Walkers Action Group, Silver Spring Progressive Action, and other allied groups working to elect Democrats everywhere.
  • We hosted eight successful 2020 Virtual Legislative Town Halls in April and May following the 2020 Maryland General Assembly session.
  • In April, we published a detailed FAQ for the primary election and updated it continuously as circumstances changed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The FAQ was downloaded from our website over 4,000 times.
  • Following publication of the primary election FAQ, we launched a sustained public information campaign for the primary election about voter registration and VoteByMail in the first-ever (and confusing) pandemic-era primary election.
  • We hosted four innovative and successful virtual fundraisers in June, July, August, and March to replace lost income from live fundraising events.
  • We raised additional funds over the summer by offering Democratic Party-branded face masks in exchange for a modest donation.
  • In late July, we launched the first VoteByMail public information campaign in Maryland urging voters to apply for their VoteByMail ballots. Over 7,000 voters clicked on the link to the online VoteByMail Ballot Application in the first three weeks alone, the “dog days of August.” Our public information campaign proved decisive in the general election VoteByMail turnout and helped deliver the highest Democratic voter turnout in Montgomery County in history.
  • In August, we launched our 2020 Ballot Question Recommendation process by forming a Ballot Question Advisory Committee, provided detailed information to our Precinct officials, and successfully concluded our endorsement process to support six (6) 2020 Ballot Questions that were overwhelmingly favored by state and local Democratic elected officials.
  • From August to November, we printed and delivered (contact-free, with the help of over 200 dedicated volunteers) over 7,000 Biden-Harris yard signs to Montgomery County households for a rock-bottom donation of $5.00 per sign.
  • Beginning in September, we hosted weekly Get Out the Vote phonebanks to Montgomery County voters in support of our 2020 Ballot Question Recommendations.
  • Throughout September and October, we collaborated with allied organizations in an ad-hoc public information campaign to build public support for our Ballot Question Recommendations.
  • In late September, we printed and mailed an election palm card to all +/-225,000 Montgomery County Democratic households (at a cost of over $75,000) that prominently displayed our 2020 Ballot Question Recommendations.
  • Our total efforts with respect to the 2020 Ballot Questions proved to be decisive in the outcome.
  • With the help of another 200 volunteers, we developed and implemented a County-wide Voter Protection Plan and staffed a Voter Information Hotline for the general election and maintained a visible Democratic Party presence at all Montgomery County polling locations throughout Early Voting and on Election Day.
  • Immediately following the general election, we launched a second weekly series of Get Out the Vote phonebanks in November and December to support U.S. Senate candidates (now U.S. Senators) Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff and promoted the Georgia U.S. Senate phonebanks of allied organizations.
  • In December, we co-sponsored and promoted a virtual fundraiser for Senate candidates (now U.S. Senators) Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff that raised over $10,000 for their campaigns.
  • In December, we raised additional funds by offering Biden-Harris Inauguration buttons, sunglasses, shot glasses and hats in exchange for modest donations, ending a difficult year on a sound financial footing.
  • In early 2021, we immediately launched a 2021 fundraising effort to support our 2022 gubernatorial election efforts.
  • From June 2020 to April 2021, we hosted over 60 Town Halls (again, we’ve lost count) for our Democratic Clubs and Caucuses, our Labor Advisory Committee, the 2020 Ballot Questions, and fall and winter Legislative Town Halls.
  • In Q1 2021, we supported, encouraged, and fostered the formation of UpCounty Democrats, an ad-hoc coalition of our UpCounty clubs and caucuses that now has an ambitious 2021 calendar of events planned.

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