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14 Nov

CE-Elect Marc Elrich Launches Transition Process

Montgomery County Executive – Elect Marc Elrich launched his transition on Tuesday, November 13, with a 180-member transition team representing a broad spectrum of the community. Read the full story on Maryland Matters.

26 Oct

Ben Jealous for Governor

Laurie-Anne Sayles Gaithersburg City Councilmember • As a lifelong Democrat, I am supporting Ben Jealous for governor. Ben Jealous offers a vision for Maryland in which our teachers are valued and our public schools are fully funded. Ben Jealous offers a plan to unleash ...

09 Oct

Democrats, Allies Unite in Support of Marc Elrich

An Open Letter to Montgomery County Democrats: U.S. politics are awash in big money to the point where regular people’s voices are drowned out by dollars from a few influential donors. We have seen the insidious effects of the Supreme ...

24 Sep

Official Party Position on 2018 Ballot Questions

In two meetings of party leaders held consecutively on September 20, the Montgomery County Democratic Party determined its official position on the ballot questions that will appear on the November 2018 Montgomery County General Election Ballot. The Party endorsed (recommends ...

29 Aug

Endorsement: Marc Elrich for Montgomery County Executive

August 23, 2018 Montgomery County Democratic Party Stands Firmly with Marc Elrich as the Only Democratic Candidate for County Executive The Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee (MCDCC) voted unanimously on August 14 to emphasize its strong and unwavering support of ...