Precinct Volunteer Orientation Sessions

Precinct Volunteer Orientation Sessions

Open to all registered Montgomery County Democrats.  Please register for the next available session here and email precinct_AT_mcdcc_DOT_org to request information on how to start volunteering.

Become a grassroots volunteer organizer in your own neighborhood and legislative district as a member of the Precinct Organization of the Montgomery County Democratic Party. We are recruiting volunteers now to provide you with ample time to learn how you can contribute to Democratic success in the 2022 Maryland gubernatorial primary and general elections, to be held in June and November of next year.

Your electoral precinct is the geographical area covered by your polling site. As a precinct leader or volunteer, you will help mobilize Democratic voters who vote where you do.

In this one-hour introductory session, we will review the role of volunteer precinct leaders, the various activities that precinct leaders use to mobilize voters, and the resources provided by the Montgomery County Democratic Party. No prior experience is needed. Whether you choose to become a precinct leader or a team member, your participation is welcome.

Volunteering to turn out the vote where you live is immensely satisfying, because you witness the results of your efforts personally. The most effective way to win elections—whether national, state, or local—is through person-to-person engagement, which is particularly important in “off-year” elections, when voters may be less engaged, and a low voter turnout may adversely affect the outcome. The time and skill you are willing to share may well determine the electoral outcome for the Maryland Democratic Party in 2022.

Please contact:

Shruti Bhatnagar
Precinct Organization Committee
[email protected]

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