Submit an Event for our Calendar and eNewsletter

Calendar / Newsletter Submissions

As a service to Montgomery County Democrats, we list events on the MCDCC Calendar of Events of a political, civic, or governmental nature that are sponsored or hosted by an official Democratic Party organization, Democratic elected official, Democratic candidate, or an allied organization that supports Democratic causes.

Events posted on the calendar will generally also be featured in our weekly digital newsletter, which we send to tens of thousands of subscribers every Saturday morning and post to our Web site.

How to Submit an Event

To submit an event, write [email protected] with the subject line Event: [date] [event name]. Let us know if you wish the event to be listed on the calendar but not in the newsletter (for example, a members-only event.)

If your organization has an eNewsletter, please add [email protected] to your distribution list so that we are automatically notified of your events.

Include the following information in your message:

  • Event title (headline)
  • Sponsoring/host organization, if not part of the title
  • Day, date, and start/end time
  • Event location/venue and address (or via Zoom, etc. for virtual events)
  • Brief event description
  • Cost (if applicable)
  • Registration/RSVP information with links (if applicable)
  • Contact information
  • Authority line for political campaign events/fundraisers – mandatory.

If you have a digital flyer for the event, submit the flyer (JPG, PNG or PDF format) along with the above information and any other relevant information that’s on the flyer. Please provide this information in text format even if it is on the flyer to make it easier for us to post it to the calendar and newsletter accurately.

If you do not have a flyer, provide any relevant logos, photos, and other images that you would like to include in the newsletter listing. If you wish us to create a digital flyer for you, please submit your request along with relevant information and images at least 10 days before you want the event published.

Submission Deadline

We will post your event on the calendar as soon as we can after receiving it. Submit your event as far in advance of the event date as you can to provide the greatest possible exposure for your event.

The newsletter generally includes events that occur within 21 days after the newsletter publication date. Submissions (including finalized text and flyers/graphics) received no later than 9 pm Tuesday will be included in the newsletter published on Saturday of the same week (if the event occurs within the 21-day window). If you need us to create a digital flyer or find photos or images, please submit your request 10 days before the publication date (by Wednesday of the preceding week).

Let us know if your event needs a longer window of exposure in the newsletter, for example, for an event requiring advance ticketing/registration.

If you miss the Tuesday deadline, submit the event anyway; we will add it to the Google Calendar (which populates the Calendar of Events on the MCDCC website) and will do our best (though we cannot promise) to include it in the newsletter.

Other Submissions

Other than events, we also post major announcements, volunteer opportunities, election information, and a limited number of photos from past events in the newsletter. We do not post opinion pieces, satire, or promotional material from non-Party organizations. If you have items that you think are suitable to be included, please submit them to us for consideration.

We reserve the right to reject any submission deemed inappropriate at the sole discretion of the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee or to change our submission guidelines at any time without notice.

Need more information? Please contact us:

Digital Media & Communications Team
Montgomery County Democratic Party
[email protected]